Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece


Video Art Festival Miden is ready to strike again this summer inviting us on a journey to the visual universe of cotemporary global video-creation. An adventurous as much as delightful trip to the thoughts and quests of the avant-garde video-artists of the new generation who reflect the most sharp and interesting trends of contemporary art.
Festival Miden will take place at the traditional neighborhoods of Kalamata’s Historic Centre, at Amfias square, in July 8-10, 2010 (9.30 pm), with free entrance.

Saturday 10/7/2010
Amfeia’s Square, 9:30 p.m.

RED NOMADE and black duck present in Festival Miden a selection of videoworks curated by Cristina Ghetti and Ima Picó. Festival Miden is an initiative that aims to promote and develop alternative and free expression at times where visual arts and media play a more and more dominant role. Through a variety of activities and events, Festival Miden hopes to become the pole and the foundation of a new artistic extroversion that will be inspired by the critical observation of everyday life focusing on the role of the individual as the centre of life itself.

RED NOMADE is an international cooperation project interested in the exchange of contemporary artists and intellectuals. The collective aim is to generate artistic, cultural and academic events in different cities in order to facilitate the meeting of visual artists, art critics, curators, writers and intellectuals.

black duck undertakes curatorial projects to promote the work of contemporary artists working in performance, installation, digital media and video to an international audience. Projects include participation in festivals, international exchanges, exhibitions and events.


RED NOMADE and black duck present recent works by Cristina Ghetti (Argentina), Dolo Piqueras (Spain), Laura Rodriguez Moscatel (Spain), Rous Hernández (Spain), Patrcicia Aragón Martin (Spain), Teresa Tomas (Spain), Zibe (Argentina), Racciatti/ Bobbio (Argentina), Carolina Loyola (USA) and Consuelo Zori (Argentina)

Cristina Ghetti. Hypnoptic. Digital Animation. 9:50. 2008
Dolo Piqueras. Diazepam. 2:00. 2007
Laura Rodriguez Moscatel. Kromo Xoma. 1:30. 2008
Rous Hernández. Geometric Translation. 1:48. 2010
Patrcicia Aragón Martin. Dots. Video Digital. 1:45. 2010
Teresa Tomas. Son. 3D Animation. 1: 30. 2009
Zibe. Domingo. 3:24. 2009
Racciatti/ Bobbio. Interestratos. 5:48. 2009.
Carolina Loyola-Garcia. Untold Coffee Stories. 4:00. 2006
Consuelo Zori. Habitat. 1:25. 2009

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristina Ghetti lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She is a visual artist and designer, developing her work in the field of painting, animation and multimedia. She has a five-year degree in Fine Arts from the Polythechnique University of Valencia. She is at present studying the “Master in visual arts and multimedia” at the Polytechnique University of Valencia. Cristina Ghetti is director of the Spanish organisation “Red Nomade", group dedicated to interventions and exchanges between visual artists and critics. Her work has been shown individually and collectively in exhibitions in Europe, USA and Latin America. She has won prizes and scholarships in Argentina, France and Spain and her artworks are in institutions and private collections.

Hypnotic. Cristina Ghetti.
Just like the most extreme concrete works, using only basic plastic elements, the minimal animation ”HYPNOTIC” plays with primary elements like lines in movement and surfaces, recapturing postulates of "op art", but employing them with the image in movement, patterns, flashing and vibration, this video installation proposes a perceptual experience related on how our sense of vision works, but it is also a reflection about information, about the enormous number of images in which we are immerse daily. HYPNOPTIC conveys the idea of speed and multiplicity, but the approach is made from a perspective of minimal elements. Instead of generating a visual abstract mass departing from figurative images, it splits of synthetic, purely abstract images. It proposes us a universe of tidy, changeable and ephemeral forms. The question considers between "to deal" and "to see", the repetition and cadence of the images generates a hypnotic effect.

HYPNOTIC. Cristina Ghetti. Digital Animation. 2008

Dolo Piqueras was born in 1981 in Valencia, Spain, where she is currently living. She studied Fine Arts at the Polytecnique University of Valencia. After that studied the Artes Visuales e Intermedia PhD program, and the Master Artes Visuales y Multimedia, she wrote her Dissertation about relation between film and interactive installations and a master thesis about art, interaction and videogames. In 2008 she was an exchange student at Master in Interface Cultures and since 2006 she is an Assistant Scholar of the "Laboratorio de luz" also in Valencia. At present she is preparing her doctoral thesis, and researching about film, videogames, devices and interaction.

Diazepam. Dolo Piqueras
Her video Diazepam tries to put the camera at the point of view of an animal (that represents the basic human instincts) and how the same human’s genre and culture tries to domesticate and make useful, although sometimes the unique way for that are some kind of drugs.

Diazepam. Dolo Piqueras

Laura Rodriguez Moscatel has recently concluded a Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnique University of Valencia. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and has lived in Germany for several years working in television as image technician. Laura Rodriguez has participated in many exhibitions with the collective TestBild.

Kromo Xoma. Laura Rodriguez Moscatel
This work deals with the idea of duality and multiple identities. Through the exposition of the body in a comical way, the video conveys the idea of the use of the body as an object in order to express ourselves and our personality; a personality that is always in constant change and transformation.

Kromo Xoma. Laura Rodriguez Moscatel

Geometric Translation. Rous Hernández
Geometric Translation is the digital extension of Domestic Geometrie. The idea is to manipulate and animate the patterns of the mosaics of the traditional hydraulic flagstones. The work originates from a similar two-dimensional painting idea: playing with colour, forms, lines, dots and surface to compose geometric mosaics.

Geometric Translation
Geométrica Doméstica. (Rous Hernandez)
Colaborators: Viuda de Gutiérrez (graphics) & Sr. Duck (sound)


Patricia Aragón Martín is currently undertaking a Master Degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnique University of Valencia and has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla La Mancha, Cuenca.

Dots. Patrcicia Aragón Martin

Dots. Audio: ..::.:..:....::...h2o, Daax!
Patricia Aragón Martín Video Digital.

Teresa Tomas animations have been proyected in internacional festivals such Kanazawa Citizen in Japan, RuArts in Moscow, Arte Digital in Havana and Videotage in Hong Kong, among others. In Itinerancias of Instituto Cervantes in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New Mexico y Brasilia. In Spain she exhibited in Art In Evolution, VIA-LAB, Pre-bem, Observatori and in the Video Festivals Valladolid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Son. Teresa Tomas
This is the first installment of Teresa Tomás’ new animation “Son”, which in Spanish means both “Are” and “Sound”. Hence the title speaks about the double nature of the characters of this work: “being” and “sound”. The generating theme is music, music as a pet. The work has been created as a Suite and it is developed into movements. An animated sculpture is associated to each movement. This process has been made in 3D by the artist herself, in the form of micro-stories. On the basis of these virtual models, the artist starts a complex process that gives life to the sculptures. The first movement of the Suite (“Cuerdas”, 1 minute 30’) is about a hybrid dog, which is a cross of two musical instruments: violin and arrow guitar. This first movement tells the story of the liberation of the sculpture, which frees itself from the 5 strings that are tied to its neck. When “Cuerdas” starts to walk, it meets “Llorón”, ⎯a tree that has been generated by the tears of its multiple eyes. In this spot, and as a symbolic burial the dog looks for a place to get rid of the pentagram that guided him.

Son. Teresa Tomas

Martin Vazquez
, Gustavo Zibecchi
We are united by the passion we have for illustration visual arts and computer science since we were children, which evolved to digital art, animation and publicity. We were baptized as Martín Vázquez and Gustavo Zibecchi. In addition to being great friends, we have been working together for some time following the same dreams and goals.
Zibe Ideas Animadas is a working space, a place for experimentation and free creation. We deal with communication projects through the creativity and the direction of art. We work with different design studios of Mar del Plata and Capital Federal and the advertising agencies ATL Y BTL. We produce audio-visual pieces internationally and take part in art exhibitions and events of avant-garde and contemporary art.

. Zibe

Domingo. Zibe


Andrea Racciatti was born in Rosario, Argentina and has a Visual Arts degree from the National University of Rosario. She co-ordinates with Cristina Ghetti the international project Red Nómade, a contemporary artistic and intellectual intervention collective. She works in painting, digital art and video art and has participated in national and international solo and group exhibitions since 1980, including: La Noche, Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2009. Impresiones Urbanas / Urban Impressions, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Valencia, Spain and VVVgallery 2007; El sutil vértigo de la imagen / The subtle vertigo of the image, Spanish Cultural Centre, Rosario, 2005; Kiss me DVD, 6´ in The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA; FIVU Montevideo, Uruguay; International Video Dance Festival, Buenos Aires; Danza em Foco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Postfotografías, la desrealidad de la imagen /Postphotographs, the unreality of the image in Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, 2004. In 2005-6 she participated in the touring exhibition En busca de la belleza real / In search of true beauty. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.


Born in November 1984. After two years of literature studies at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), he decides to study at the National University Institute of Audiovisuals (IUNA). As a director, editor and script writer, he has done two short films that have been selected at numerous festivals at Argentina and all around the world: “Interestratos” and “De cómo A venció al Anomal”, and a video clip for the underground rock band “Olfa Meocorde”, titled “Gareca”. He is the director and co-founder of the independent film company “La Conciencia Films”. As a member of Fundesur foundation, wins the 2010 support of the “Fondo Nacional de las artes” for a documentary project named “En el camino”. At the moment he is post-producting his third short film, titled “El Demócrata”, and has just been selected to participate in the 6th Talent Campus Buenos Aires.

Interestratos. Idea: Andrea Racciatti, direction: Juan Bobbio

Interestratos. Racciatti/ Bobbio

Carolina Loyola García is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and educator. Her work reflects upon such issues as cultural dis/placement, language, post-colonialism, and the environment offering a critical view and questioning current notions of corporate economic development. She works primarily in media arts, including single-channel video art, video installations, digital printmaking, and most recently in documentary, and has also ventured into performance through theater and dance.

Untold coffee Stories. Carolina Loyola-Garcia
Untold Coffee Stories is a short experimental animated video that explores the social origins of coffee while talking about a 1932 massacre in El Salvador where thousands of coffee workers were killed in what became the first communist revolt of Latin America. Through the use of multiple voices in the soundtrack the artist creates the illusion of being inside someone’s mind traversing through historical facts, personal stories, and questions regarding the representation of women workers in advertising and history books.

Untold coffee Stories. Carolina Loyola-Garcia

1955. San Isidro, Argentina. Activity plural in their academic, artistic, teaching and research. Recorder, Social Psychologist and Photographer. Master's Degree in "Photography" UPV, Spain.
Since 1980, participates in individual and group art exhibitions. National, private and international art contests. Honored with national and international awards.

Habitat. Consuelo Zori
"Places die like men, even when they appear to survive" Joubert
The metaphor of the habitat and the inhabited always has its variations, between the inside and the outside, what begins to appear on the landscape as something disturbing, unknown, unwanted, forgotten dream, novel, that live is always developed, to be alive.
(This work was made on Ibarra Ecuador, on May 2008; Edited in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 2009)

Habitat. Consuelo Zori

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