TRANSFER LOUNGE is a project that involves art professionals from Spain and U.S.A and creates a unique opportunity for artists from different parts of the world to actively exchange their views and ideas around issues of mobility and transition. The artists have been invited to respond to this theme and establish prior the exhibition a dialogue within the frame of current cultural mobility. The Spanish part of the proposed project is principally coordinated by Toni Calderón and Ima Picó. Residencies, events and exhibition will take place in Forja ArteContemporáneo, Valencia from the 17th of September 2009 to the 23rd of October 2009. The U.S.A part of the proposed project is principally coordinated by Carolina Loyola Garcia, Residencies and events will take place in SPACE, Pittsburgh from the 2nd of October 2009 to the 17th of November 2009.

Curation and Organisation in Pittsburgh, USA: Carolina Loyola-García
Curation and Organisation in Valencia, Spain: Ima Picó and Toni Calderón

TRANSFER LOUNGE was initiated by Carolina Loyola-García and Ima Picó in 2008

Participating artists:
David Maroto, Antonio R. Montesinos, Sergio Zavattieri, Abraham Martinez, Cristina Ghetti, Teresa Tomás, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Carlos Cid, Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco, Ima Picó, subRosa, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Patricia Villalobos Echeverría, Ayanah Moor, Daniel Peltz, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, T. Foley, Carolina Loyola-García, PearlArts Collective and Brett Yasko.


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