Intervalos Lúcidos - ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2011

TEA. Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
17-20 of November 2011

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS is a project created and directed by ART TECH MEDIA, a non-profit international cultural organization. Its aims are the creation, organization, promotion and direction of different events for the development of the Arts and the Digital Culture, to prompt and to fortify the alliance among Art, Science, Technology, Innovation and the Society, the cross debate, the reflection and the elaboration of proposals and contents by means of the philosophy of open code, that impact positively in the creation of the Knowledge Society.

black duck and RED NOMADE present for ESPACIO ENTER Intervalos Lúcidos, a screening of international artists working with animation, documentary and moving image.

black duck undertakes curatorial projects to promote the work of contemporary artists working in performance, installation, digital media and video to an international audience. Projects include participation in festivals, international exchanges, exhibitions and events.

RED NOMADE is an international cooperation project interested in the exchange of contemporary artists and intellectuals. The collective aim is to generate artistic, cultural and academic events in different cities in order to facilitate the meeting of visual artists, art critics, curators, writers and intellectuals.


The sinking
The Royal Navy heavily attacked the German battleship Bismarck on the 27th May 1941. Onboard one of these British units was Lucas' Great Grandfather, Fred Bird. His account of the two-hour attack that eventually sank the Bismarck is detailed in a diary, which has now become a part of a Family Archive. 

In 'The Sinking', Lucas sets out on a small fishing boat in the hope of finding the place where this event occurred. With no map to guide her, she is forced merely to look out towards the vastness of the Black Ocean. The borderless expanse of writhing space keeps its secrets hidden, the surface now protecting the many victims it once destroyed. A metaphor for the expanses of time, the film allows the viewer to consider the fragility of their own existence, through two connected experiences.

The sinking

La Mort Tojours
Based on audio and visual field recordings from the Paris catacombs and Buchenwald, La Mort Toujours is a meditation on the mysteries of time and mortality.

Between dream and nightmare, The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow is a traversal of here and elsewhere, first and third world; a fairytale of production, resources, capitalism, globalisation, refuse and refusal: The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow is a film not about the struggle to be seen, but about the struggle to see.

The Delmarva_chicken_of_tomorrow

Around was filmed during a residency in Enschede the Netherlands, along with fellow artist-in-residence Shaun Stamp. The film explores the notion of newness, arrival, disorientation, and the emotional response to previously unprocessed stimuli which is encountered on entering an unaccustomed environment. The music, composed and recorded by Underwood prior to the residency, acts as a counterpoint to the bombardment of physical images and activates a separate, more personal overlay of involvement. This initiates an exploration of the juxtaposition of internal and external experience.

Second Iraq War (Heidix Remix)
Second Iraq War is a ’Remix’ of found footage of explosions from the war in Iraq.

Second Iraq War (Heidix Remix)
Secuencia 01. Animation

Secuencia 01

Viento. Animation. 2011




Face Like Marble_You Were Telling Me, I Wouldn’t Listen
The work is a film investigation on absence. It belongs to a series of works that seek to explore the qualities of the drawing process.

Face Like Marble_You Were Telling Me, I Wouldn’t Listen

Folding pattern one

Folding patter one

Bed/Bad time stories
This work is a record of the endurance of my body when subjected to suffering. There is temporal cause and effect relation, which stimulates persuasive quality in the work. Relations between interior and exterior bridge external social, political and medical pressures.
Emotional states like psycho discomfort and disturbances manifest through body. I have been looking in to connections between culture, emotion, politics and physics, trying to find symbolism of logic. Perforation intensifies strangeness and disjunction. The work can be observed as reflective/ meditative body ritual playing with state of living in continuous anxiety and fear.

Bed/Bad time stories - Sabrina Osborne

Just a trip
Damiá Jordá obtained his Fine Arts degree from the University of Barcelona and his master degree from the Polythecnique University of Valencia and he is at present undertaking a PhD program at the Polythecnique University of Valencia under the supervision of Dr. Francisco Javier Sanmartín Piquer.

Just a trip - Damiá Jordá

2 min 11 sec
Idea and direction: Rous Hernández (geometricadomestica)
Music: “Alcaline Love” by Sr. Duck. Edit version. (
Edition and graphics: Alberto Pérez (Viuda de Gutiérrez)

mechanical_scketch - Rous Hernandez

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