International artists screening - HOST 02 - Manchester


1 April 2011 from 6.30pm to 9pm

Art Funkl
9 Holden Avenue
Whalley Range
M16 8TA

A selection of videoworks curated by Art Funkl, Red Nomade and black duck.

Artists: Victoria Lucas, Gillian McIver, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Marina Stavrou, Ju Underwood, Andrea Racciatti/Juan Bobbio, Consuelo Zori, Cristina Ghetti, Claudia Martinez, Teresa Tomás, Dolo Piqueras and Laura Rodriguez Moscatel.


In current works, insects, animals, places and people are depicted as a way to retell histories, stories and events; evoking an understanding of human emotion. Expressions such as loss, desire, tragedy, failure, and love are found in objects, images, sounds. The everyday is retold, so that the often mundane happenings are brought to light and remembered. To Lucas, these small ordinary occurrences are inextricably linked to the extraordinary workings of the universe.

The sinking
The Royal Navy heavily attacked the German battleship Bismarck on the 27th May 1941. Onboard one of these British units was Lucas' Great Grandfather, Fred Bird. His account of the two-hour attack that eventually sank the Bismarck is detailed in a diary, which has now become a part of a Family Archive.

In 'The Sinking', Lucas sets out on a small fishing boat in the hope of finding the place where this event occurred. With no map to guide her, she is forced merely to look out towards the vastness of the Black Ocean. The borderless expanse of writhing space keeps its secrets hidden, the surface now protecting the many victims it once destroyed. A metaphor for the expanses of time, the film allows the viewer to consider the fragility of their own existence, through two connected experiences.

'The Sinking'. Victoria Lucas. Video 2"17
Gillian McIver, Canadian artist and writer born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK and raised in Vancouver is a writer, curator and film-maker. After studying history and philosophy, she moved to London where, in 1997, she set up an international underground art collective, known as Luna Nera in the abandoned Colosseum theatre in East London. Since that time she has participated in various projects with Luna Nera, exhibiting in a wide variety of venues in different countries throughout Europe including the UK, Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and Italy. She continues to co-ordinate Luna Nera which makes temporary site-specific projects in unusual yet significant sites. Her own work consists primarily of video and photographic images which explore history, memory and place. She made "Places" a collection of short films - made about strange sites in Berlin, Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris and Belfast - exploring the lost fragments that trace the past, and reveal the transitory nature of human existence. 

The first experimental city [Belfast] 2005
The First Experimental City {Belfast} takes as its text the essay "Formulary for a New urbanism" by Ivan Chtcheglov (1953) and its visual narrative is reminiscent of the opening sequence of Les Quatre cents coups (1959) : mapping the topography of a city as a setting for real life dramas and imagined developments.

The first experimental city. Gillian McIver. Video
Andrea Luka Zimmerman explores, though filmmaking, text and photography, the grey zones between public and private memory. Her practice aims to intervene in and rebel against the production of history and violence and to engage with everyday life within these systems. She was a founding member of Vision Machine (2001) which made, influenced by the methodology and thoughts of Jean Rouch, Miles Horton and Paolo Freire, the The Globalisation Tapes, numerous shorter experimental films and gallery works as well as interventions in public space. She is currently (2010) completing Prisoner of War, a feature length documentary, which is about a special forces commander whose life inspired the Rambo films. As part of Fugitive Images Andrea is one of the artists involved in the public art work "i am here" which is installed on the facade of Samuel House on the Haggerston estate until the estate is demolished and rebuilt round 2012, and the publication of the book, Estate (Myrdle Court Press, 2010). 

The Delmarva_chicken_of_tomorrow 
Between dream and nightmare, The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow is a traversal of here and elsewhere, first and third world; a fairytale of production, resources, capitalism, globalisation, refuse and refusal: The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow is a film not about the struggle to be seen, but about the struggle to see. 
With thanks to the Prelinger archive. 
This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archive Mashups 
Producer: Andrea Luka Zimmerman 
Production Company: Vision Machine 
Audio/Visual: sound, 16mmb/w & video/color

The Delmarva_chicken_of_tomorrow, 2002, by Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Born in Greece, lives in the Netherlands. BA in Literature, MA in Fine Art.

Face Like Marble_You Were Telling Me, I Wouldn’t Listen

The work is a film investigation on absence. It belongs to a series of works that seek to explore the qualities of the drawing process.

Face Like Marble_You Were Telling Me, I Wouldn’t Listen. 16mm film.

Ju Underwood is a conceptual artist, born in Scotland, and currently working in Manchester, UK. She began her career as an architect, and learned a sense of focus and discipline from the rigorous training of the profession. She worked as an architect for many years before quitting in order to study Fashion Design. She gained a first class honours degree and moved on to a Masters course. It was at this point that she began to experiment with many media, including film and music, and her work crossed over into the realms of Conceptual Art.

The works of Ju Underwood derive from the starting point of emotional abstraction and exchange. Underwood is fascinated by the subtext, the hidden codes and communications of human existence. The works capture increments or transitional points of emotion, and through a process of research and experimentation, illustrate these in physical form.

Around, 2010, Ju Underwood & Shaun Stamp

Around was filmed during a residency in Enschede the Netherlands, along with fellow artist-in-residence Shaun Stamp. The film explores the notion of newness, arrival, disorientation, and the emotional response to previously unprocessed stimuli which is encountered on entering an unaccustomed environment. The music, composed and recorded by Underwood prior to the residency, acts as a counterpoint to the bombardment of physical images and activates a separate, more personal overlay of involvement. This initiates an exploration of the juxtaposition of internal and external experience.

Around, 2010, Ju Underwood & Shaun Stamp


Andrea Racciatti was born in Rosario, Argentina and has a Visual Arts degree from the National University of Rosario. She co-ordinates with Cristina Ghetti the international project Red Nómade, a contemporary artistic and intellectual intervention collective. She works in painting, digital art and video art and has participated in national and international solo and group exhibitions since 1980, including: La Noche, Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2009. Impresiones Urbanas / Urban Impressions, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Valencia, Spain and VVVgallery 2007; El sutil vértigo de la imagen / The subtle vertigo of the image, Spanish Cultural Centre, Rosario, 2005; Kiss me DVD, 6´ in The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA; FIVU Montevideo, Uruguay; International Video Dance Festival, Buenos Aires; Danza em Foco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Postfotografías, la desrealidad de la imagen /Postphotographs, the unreality of the image in Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, 2004. In 2005-6 she participated in the touring exhibition En busca de la belleza real / In search of true beauty. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Born in November 1984. After two years of literature studies at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), he decides to study at the National University Institute of Audiovisuals (IUNA). As a director, editor and script writer, he has done two short films that have been selected at numerous festivals at Argentina and all around the world: “Interestratos” and “De cómo A venció al Anomal”, and a video clip for the underground rock band “Olfa Meocorde”, titled “Gareca”. He is the director and co-founder of the independent film company “La Conciencia Films”. As a member of Fundesur foundation, wins the 2010 support of the “Fondo Nacional de las artes” for a documentary project named “En el camino”. At the moment he is post-producting his third short film, titled “El Demócrata”, and has just been selected to participate in the 6th Talent Campus Buenos Aires.

Interestratos. Idea: Andrea Racciatti, direction: Juan Bobbio

Interestratos. Andrea Racciatti/ Juan Bobbio
1955. San Isidro, Argentina. Activity plural in their academic, artistic, teaching and research. Recorder, Social Psychologist and Photographer. Master's Degree in "Photography" UPV, Spain.
Since 1980, participates in individual and group art exhibitions. National, private and international art contests. Honored with national and international awards.

"Places die like men, even when they appear to survive" Joubert
The metaphor of the habitat and the inhabited always has its variations, between the inside and the outside, what begins to appear on the landscape as something disturbing, unknown, unwanted, forgotten dream, novel, that live is always developed, to be alive.
(This work was made on Ibarra Ecuador, on May 2008; Edited in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 2009)

Habitat. Consuelo Zori
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristina Ghetti lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She is a visual artist and designer, developing her work in the field of painting, animation and multimedia. She has a five-year degree in Fine Arts from the Polythechnique University of Valencia. She is at present studying the “Master in visual arts and multimedia” at the Polytechnique University of Valencia. Cristina Ghetti is director of the Spanish organisation “Red Nomade", group dedicated to interventions and exchanges between visual artists and critics. Her work has been shown individually and collectively in exhibitions in Europe, USA and Latin America. She has won prizes and scholarships in Argentina, France and Spain and her artworks are in institutions and private collections.

Hypnotic series. 2010
Born in Catamarca, Argentina, Claudia Martinez lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She works in mixed media, from installation to sculpture to drawing, using sometimes photography and performance. In her works she explores the relationships between space and material, with an emphasis in the sensuality of objects and the relation of the artworks and time (execution and permanence)

Animation. 2010
This animation is part of a drawing project where the main concept revolves around the ideas of movement and perception.

Claudia Martinez. Animation. 2010
Teresa Tomás animations have been screened in international festivals such Kanazawa Citizen in Japan, RuArts in Moscow, Arte Digital in La Habana and Videotage in Hong Kong, Itinerancias, Instituto Cervantes in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New Mexico y Brasilia. In Spain she exhibited in Art Inevolution, VIA-LAB, Pre-bem, Observatori and in the Video Festivals Valladolid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

Viento. Teresa Tomás. 2011
Dolo Piqueras was born in 1981 in Valencia, Spain, where she is currently living. She studied Fine Arts at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. After that, she undertook a PhD program in Visual Arts and Intermedia, and a Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia. She wrote her dissertation about relation between film and interactive installations and a master thesis about art, interaction and videogames. In 2008 she was an exchange student at Master in Interface Cultures and since 2006 she is Assistant Scholar of "Laboratorio de luz" also in Valencia. At present she is preparing her doctoral thesis and researching about film, videogames, devices and interaction. 

Secuencia 01. Animation. 2010
Laura Rodriguez Moscatel has recently concluded a Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain. She has a degree in Fine Arts from Universidad de Barcelona and has lived in Germany for several years working in television as technician. Laura Rodriguez has participated in many exhibitions with the collective TestBild. 

Kromo Xoma. Video 
This work deals with the idea of duality and multiple identities. Through the exposition of the body in a comical way, the video conveys the idea of the use of the body as an object in order to express the self or personality; a personality that is always in constant change and transformation. 

Kromo Xoma. Laura Rodriguez Moscatel

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