CeC'10 India


Program coordinated by Ima Picó for the:

CeC ’10. The 5th annual Carnival of e-Creativity

The Sattal Estate Bhimtal, Uttarakhand, India
19th, 20th, 21st of February 2010



Selection of videoworks curated by Pauline Desouza.

DIVERSITY ART FORUM is an organization that supports art projects nationally and internationally. It is the diversity of the medium rather than cultural background of artists or groups that Diversity Art Forum is interested in. Diversity Art Forum aims to encourage various debates in the projects it supports.


Chiaki Watanabe is a media artist based in Europe and the US. She creates abstract cross-sensory experience in a minimalist framework by integrating sound and visual imagery. Her work has been presented internationally at festivals, galleries and museums, including New York Video Festival and MOMA NY (US), the Institute of Contemporary Art (UK), European Media Festival (DE), Den Frie Udstilling (DK).

Bella (excerpt).Visuals: Chiaki Watanabe. Music: Dorit Chrysler. 4’12”2007.

Bella (excerpt). Chiaki Watanabe. Music: Dorit Chrysler. 4’12”2007.


black duck

Selection of videoworks curated by Cristina Ghetti and Ima Picó.

RED NOMADE is an international cooperation project interested in the exchange of contemporary artists and intellectuals. The collective aim is to generate artistic, cultural and academic events in different cities in order to facilitate the meeting of visual artists, art critics, curators, writers and intellectuals.

black duck undertakes curatorial projects to promote the work of contemporary artists working in performance, installation, digital media and video to an international audience. Projects include participation in festivals, international exchanges, exhibitions and events.

RED NOMADE and black duck present recent works by the artists Andrea Racciatti, José Manuel González Martínez, ZIBE (Martin Vazquez and Gustavo Zibecchi), Cristina Ghetti, Miguel Almiron, Teresa Tomás, Emanuele Mazza, Gillian McIver, DELACREW and Patricia Aragón.



Gillian McIver, Canadian artist and writer born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK and raised in Vancouver is a writer, curator and film-maker. After studying history and philosophy, she moved to London where, in 1997, she set up an international underground art collective, known as Luna Nera in the abandoned Colosseum theatre in East London. Since that time she has participated in various projects with Luna Nera, exhibiting in a wide variety of venues in different countries throughout Europe including the UK, Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and Italy. She continues to co-ordinate Luna Nera which makes temporary site-specific projects in unusual yet significant sites. Her own work consists primarily of video and photographic images which explore history, memory and place. She made "Places" a collection of short films - made about strange sites in Berlin, Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris and Belfast - exploring the lost fragments that trace the past, and reveal the transitory nature of human existence. Her most recent work, the short film "Tarkovsky's River" documents, in still photographs, haunting journeys to the remote part of Russia, the upper Volga, where Andrei Tarkovsky was born. "Tarkovsky's River" was shown at the Format Photography Festival 2009.

Postindustrial Baroque

"The city is full of dark and mysterious places
Locked doors, empty windows like blind eyes revealing nothing of what might lie behind them
The city is a texture, built layer upon layer by time. History is measured by grains, flakes, fragments"

Postindustrial Baroque collects together a series of mysterious explorations and excavations of derelict, deserted and decaying places in different cities. Filmed in London, Berlin, St Petersburg, Zurich and Belfast - to name but a few.

Text by Gillian McIver
Cinematography by Gillian McIver, Ben Foot, Julian Ronnefeldt, Valentina Floris
Edited by Valentina Floris
Sound by Takatsuna Mukai
9;20" mins running time; DVD


New Unstructures

Playing in the urban desert: on the outskirts of town, another town of huge metal structures, an alien city perfect and beautiful. 9'20". Video.

NEW UNSTRUCTURES. Gillian McIver. Video

The first experimental city [Belfast] 2005

The First Experimental City {Belfast} takes as its text the essay "Formulary for a New urbanism" by Ivan Chtcheglov (1953) and its visual narrative is reminiscent of the opening sequence of Les Quatre cents coups (1959) : mapping the topography of a city as a setting for real life dramas and imagined developments.
This film look at the identity of the city as a public landscape. 5 min.



DELACREW is a band with only one aim: to innovate and explore. They experiment with a range of styles —Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Jungle — mixed with video to create an explosive and powerful live set.

A collaboration of Redribbon and Softless crews formed in Spain in 2004, DELACREW spend their time creating both video & audio tracks and performing live drum and bass sets worldwide.

In 2006 DELACREW began experimenting with video, generating a mix of visuals with their experimental musical style to spectacular effect. They also extended their scope, engaging in graphic design multimedia conferences and video-clip postproduction.

DELACREW’s trademark style of futuristic and urban audiovisual performances inflicts a shocking, intoxicating effect on all who experience them.

To date, they have had two releases with the underground Drum & Bass labels Mushcore Recordings (HUN) and FUCKTR XIII Recordings (ESP).

In recent years DELACREW have shared the stage with such renowned produces and DJs as Noisia, DJ Phantasy, Concord Dawn, Phace, Spor, Black Sun Empire, Pendulum, DJ Hype, Aphrodite, Total Science, Technical Intch, and many more…

DELACREW joined forces with Science of Sounds (SOS) in 2007, representing the Drum & Bass side of this versatile and fresh collective. This union kicked off with the ‘Electro Reality Tour’ in Manila, continuing in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing—the home of SOS.

China Rising

Experimental video shooted in Beijing (Pekin), China about a new city rising in a new China.

Delacrew. China Rising.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristina Ghetti lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She is a visual artist and designer, developing her work in the field of painting, animation and multimedia. She has a five-year degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sant Carles, Valencia. She is at present studying the “Master in visual arts and multimedia” at the Polytechnique University of Valencia. Cristina Getthi is director of the Spanish organisation “Nómade Network", group dedicated to interventions and exchanges between visual artists and critics. Her work has been shown individually and collectively in exhibitions in Europe, USA and Latin America. She has won prizes and scholarships in Argentina, France and Spain and her artworks are in institutions and private collections.

THE “HIPNOPTIC” SERIES. Cristina Ghetti. Digital Animation. 2008

The “hipnotic” series. Digital Animation. 2008

Just like the most extreme concrete works, using only basic plastic elements, the minimal animation ”HIPNOPTIC” plays with primary elements like lines in movement and surfaces, recapturing postulates of "op art", but employing them with the image in movement, patterns, flashing and vibration, this video installation proposes a perceptual experience related on how our sense of vision works, but it is also a reflection about information, about the enormous number of images in which we are immerse daily. HIPNOPTIC conveys the idea of speed and multiplicity, but the approach is made from a perspective of minimal elements. Instead of generating a visual abstract mass departing from figurative images, it splits of synthetic, purely abstract images. It proposes us a universe of tidy, changeable and ephemeral forms. The question considers between "to deal" and "to see", the repetition and cadence of the images generates a hypnotic effect.


Miguel Almiron is an Argentine artist who lives in Paris since 1996. He has a PhD in Aesthetic, Science and Technology of Arts by the University of Paris 8, Saint-Denis, France. The topic of his dissertation “La place du corps dans l'art technologique” shows from an artistic, sociological, historical and cultural point of view the incidences that the new technologies have caused to our body. This is a recurring theme in his work since 1996, where he expresses himself with entire freedom using these new media: interactive installations, virtual reality, digital photography and video. He has exhibited widely in different countries such as Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Africa. Miguel Almiron is lecturer of Theory and Aesthetics of the New Technologies (Multimedia, Internet, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) at the University of Paris-EstMarne-La-Vallée, France.

DIAFRAGME. Miguel Almiron. Video.

Born in Rome, Italy, studied informatics engineering at the Università Romantre, Rome. Independent investigator of the Laboratorio de Luz, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV).

[0] 25 / 0 == white fixed [infinity], taxation without comparison, i.e. the assignment without understanding it. | L is a polyhedral be | [1] 25 / 1 = 1 the second time, the space is repeated with no time .|... changing from the same truth | [2] 25 / 2 = 2 symmetry, relatively asymmetric. | ... L is what you play and what you do not want to see everything at once | [3] 25 / 3 == 8 and 1 / 3, i.e. period, the loss of linearity .|... until no longer afraid | [4] 25 / 7 = 3.5714285714285714285714285714286, periodic determinate, we repeat the mirrors in a number of times, until the time that something has changed and you can watch .|... | [5] 25/13 == 2 almost always got to be about two, although this tends to complicate things.|... too blue sometimes ...| [6] 25/25 == 1, the identity, we are not until we were divided by us .|... too blue but red enough as not to stop.|

LAS VIDAS DE L. Emanuele Mazza. Animación 2009


This is the first instalment of Teresa Tomás’ new animation “Son”, which in Spanish means both “Are” and “Sound”. Hence the title speaks about the double nature of the characters of this work: “being” and “sound”. The generating theme is music, music as a pet. The work has been created as a Suite and it is developed into movements. An animated sculpture is associated to each movement. This process has been made in 3D by the artist herself, in the form of micro-stories. On the basis of these virtual models, the artist starts a complex process that gives life to the sculptures. The first movement of the Suite (“Cuerdas”, 1 minute 30’) is about a hybrid dog, which is a cross of two musical instruments: violin and arrow guitar. This first movement tells the story of the liberation of the sculpture, which frees itself from the 5 strings that are tied to its neck. When “Cuerdas” starts to walk, it meets “Llorón”, ⎯a tree that has been generated by the tears of its multiple eyes. In this spot, and as a symbolic burial the dog looks for a place to get rid of the pentagram that guided him.

SON. Animación 3D. 1' 30". Teresa Tomás 2009

Martin Vazquez
Gustavo Zibecchi

We are united by the passion we have for illustration visual arts and computer science since we were children, which evolved to digital art, animation and publicity. We were baptized as Martín Vázquez and Gustavo Zibecchi. In addition to being great friends, we have been working together for some time following the same dreams and goals.
Zibe Ideas Animadas is a working space, a place for experimentation and free creation. We deal with communication projects through the creativity and the direction of art. We work with different design studios of Mar del Plata and Capital Federal and the advertising agencies ATL Y BTL. We produce audio-visual pieces internationally and take part in art exhibitions and events of avant-garde and contemporary art.

IDEAS ANIMADAS. ZIBE. Martin Vazquez, Gustavo Zibecchi. video-music.


Jose Manuel González Martínez presents a series of animations developed during a scholarship for creation in the workshops OPENART, that took part in the summer of 2007 in the city of Zaragoza. They have been made with the software Adobe After Effects. It is a work that deals with an obsession of love for the number 3. The number of elements in movement, the sounds, the geometric strata, the rhythm, everything is based on the number 3 or on its multiples, 6, 9, 12, etc … He works around 3 different issues with a very deep relationship: Light, Motion, and Geometry.
This trinity is my atheistic faith if we are talking about Art. Light is life. Our world would be impossible without their existence. Motion is life too. In Greek "kinè" means motion and life. There is an evident connection between life and mutations and the best way to see this is to face the natural world and verify how all life forms are in constant change. Geometry is the code for discovering the structure of the Universe and to visualize the laws of physics and chemistry. I convert all of these things into my personal vision using technology and analogical tools as well.

PROYECTO 3. José Manuel González Martínez. Animación


Andrea Racciatti was born in Rosario, Argentina and has a Visual Arts degree from the National University of Rosario. She co-ordinates with Cristina Ghetti the international project Red Nómade, a contemporary artistic and intellectual intervention collective. She works in painting, digital art and video art and has participated in national and international solo and group exhibitions since 1980, including: Impresiones Urbanas / Urban Impressions, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Valencia, Spain and VVVgallery 2007; El sutil vértigo de la imagen / The subtle vertigo of the image, Spanish Cultural Centre, Rosario, 2005; Kiss me DVD, 6´ in The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA; FIVU Montevideo, Uruguay; International Video Dance Festival, Buenos Aires; Danza em Foco in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; Postfotografías, la desrealidad de la imagen /Postphotographs, the unreality of the image in Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, 2004. In 2005-6 she participated in the touring exhibition En busca de la belleza real / In search of true beauty. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Performers: Susana Brussa – Julio Galán
Asistance: Roxana Pozzoli
Music: Digital variations about one piece of Claude Debussy
Idea: Andrea Racciatti
Postproduction: Alejandro Areal Vélez
Directors: Andrea Racciatti – Alejandro Areal Vélez
DV cam pal color stereo time : 6,39 minutes 2003Sinopsys:

“A man and a woman without clothes inside a red room. She kisses him all over his body with her red lips, using a red rouge, several times, again and again, until he desapear himself in the red room with his red body.
“A fantasy about an unusual osculation”.
Graciela Taquini

KISS ME. Andrea Racciatti. Video


This work derivates from an approach to the digital process, operating from a model of simplified world that connects in a more sophisticated way with the external elements, in this case sound and other elements of convergence. A visualization of a group of fractal forms as an aesthetic strategy, built up from a phisical simulation of particles developed from the simplicity. Modeling more complex shapes depending on the space, their properties and dynamics, generated through algorithms attributed to the frequency of audio electromagnetic waves.

MUERTE AL MUNDO DE LOS SUEÑOS. Patricia Aragón. Audio: Neboa. 2009

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