RED NOMADE presents BETWEEN THE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE, a selection of video and animation works by Argentinean, Chilean and Spanish artists. This selection was compiled by Cristina Ghetti.

Dolo Piqueras was born in 1981 in Valencia, Spain, where she is currently living. She studied Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. After that studied the Artes Visuales e Intermedia PhD program, and the Master Artes Visuales y Multimedia, she wrote her Dissertation about relation between film and interactive installations and a master thesis about art, interaction and videogames. In 2008 she was an exchange student at Master in Interface Cultures and since 2006 she is an Assistant Scholar of the "Laboratorio de luz" also in Valencia. At present she is preparing her doctoral thesis, and researching about film, videogames, devices and interaction.

Diazepam. Dolo Piqueras
Her video Diazepam tries to put the camera at the point of view of an animal (that represents the basic human instincts) and how the same human’s genre and culture tries to domesticate and make useful, although sometimes the unique way for that are some kind of drugs.

Laura Rodriguez Moscatel has recently concluded a Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnique University of Valencia. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and has lived in Germany for several years working in television as image technician. Laura Rodriguez has participated in many exhibitions with the collective TestBild.

Kromo Xoma. Laura Rodriguez Moscatel
This work deals with the idea of duality and multiple identities. Through the exposition of the body in a comical way, the video conveys the idea of the use of the body as an object in order to express ourselves and our personality; a personality that is always in constant change and transformation.

Carolina Loyola García is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and educator. Her work reflects upon such issues as cultural dis/placement, language, post-colonialism, and the environment offering a critical view and questioning current notions of corporate economic development. She works primarily in media arts, including single-channel video art, video installations, digital printmaking, and most recently in documentary, and has also ventured into performance through theater and dance. 

Between fortune and despair. Carolina Loyola Garcia

1955. San Isidro, Argentina. Activity plural in their academic, artistic, teaching and research. Recorder, Social Psychologist and Photographer. Master's Degree in "Photography" UPV, Spain. Since 1980, participates in individual and group art exhibitions. National, private and international art contests. Honored with national and international awards.

Habitat. Consuelo Zori
"Places die like men, even when they appear to survive" Joubert
The metaphor of the habitat and the inhabited always has its variations, between the inside and the outside, what begins to appear on the landscape as something disturbing, unknown, unwanted, forgotten dream, novel, that live is always developed, to be alive.

(This work was made on Ibarra Ecuador, on May 2008; Edited in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 2009)

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristina Ghetti lives and works in Valencia, Spain. She is a visual artist and designer, developing her work in the field of painting, animation and multimedia. She has a five-year degree in Fine Arts from the Polythechnique University of Valencia. She is at present studying the “Master in visual arts and multimedia” at the Polytechnique University of Valencia. Cristina Ghetti is director of the Spanish organisation “Red Nomade", group dedicated to interventions and exchanges between visual artists and critics. Her work has been shown individually and collectively in exhibitions in Europe, USA and Latin America. She has won prizes and scholarships in Argentina, France and Spain and her artworks are in institutions and private collections.

Interested in the geometry as " pleasure of seeing ", A geometry transmissor and receptor of emotions, generator of multiple perceptions: from calmness and lyricism up to confusion and agitation.

Martin Vazquez
Gustavo Zibecchi

We are united by the passion we have for illustration visual arts and computer science since we were children, which evolved to digital art, animation and publicity. We were baptized as Martín Vázquez and Gustavo Zibecchi. In addition to being great friends, we have been working together for some time following the same dreams and goals.

Zibe Ideas Animadas is a working space, a place for experimentation and free creation. We deal with communication projects through the creativity and the direction of art. We work with different design studios of Mar del Plata and Capital Federal and the advertising agencies ATL Y BTL. We produce audio-visual pieces internationally and take part in art exhibitions and events of avant-garde and contemporary art.

1 min.

Animation: Zibe.mlab

Audio: AcopioDG. Made with Quartz Composer.

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