Global Art Video - Carnival of e-Creativity, CeC'13

Red Nomade and black duck present Global Art Video, a screening program specially curated for the 8th annual Carnival of e-Creativity, CeC'13 scheduled to be played out through February 22-23-24, 2013 in the sylvan spaces of Sattal Estate, in the Lower Kumaon of the Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand. The selection includes artists from England, Portugal, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

RED NOMADE is an international cooperation project interested in the exchange of contemporary artists and intellectuals. The collective aim is to generate artistic, cultural and academic events in different cities in order to facilitate the meeting of visual artists, art critics, curators, writers and intellectuals.

black duck undertakes curatorial projects to promote the work of contemporary artists working in performance, installation, digital media and video to an international audience. Projects include participation in festivals, international exchanges, exhibitions and events.

Participating artists: Tracey Holland, Gillian McIver, Augusto Lima, Charlotte Thiessen, Deco Nascimento, Tatiana Travisani, Eduardo Romaguera, Mario Santamaría, Javier Marisco, Damià Jordá, Damian Linossi, Juan Bobbio, Cristina Ghetti and Emanuele Maza.


Sheffield based photographer and video artist Tracey Holland draws her inspirations and ideas from the contrasting fields of science and nature, and religious and other mythical writings and folk tales.

Carnival of Souls. Video. 07’30”. 2012 

Carnival of souls. Tracey Holland
The Golem. Video. 10’00” 2012

The Golem. Tracey Holland

Gillian is a writer, curator and film-maker based in London. She was one of the founding members of site responsive art group Luna Nera producing work in sites across Europe from landscape interventions in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia to declining industrial areas of Berlin. Her own practice is consistently concerned with history, memory and place.

Moscow Triptych. Video, 06'26"

Moscow Triptych, Gillian McIver
Immortalities. Video, 03'30"

Immortalities, Gillian McIver
Immaterial perspective (after moholy-nagy). Video, 03'17"

Immaterial perspective (after moholy-nagy), Gillian McIver

“nyc-nyc” is a homemade visual documentary about a trip through 13 US states, from NYC to California and back to NYC. All visual and sound work: Charlotte Thiessen & Augusto Lima. / 

'nyc-nyc'Experimental documentary

'nyc-nyc', Augusto Lima/Charlotte Thiessen

Paisagens do Quase Nada. Video. 7’45″
Paisagens do Quase Nada is a video created by Deco Nascimento and Tatiana Travisani, brazilian artists based in Valencia (Spain), which intercalates simultaneous events of the natural sceneries and human action that is present and absent in the territory. The video tries to break with the contemplative and intangible function of the nature, aiming at its transformation and although it seems of small proportions to the human’s eyes, it is continuous and vigorous.

Sueño sin respiración. Video
Eduardo Romaguera is a Valencian artist established in Marseille, where he develops his work. Using painting, drawing and video, Romaguera has made intimate and original artworks. In his creations, the forms are transformed through colors, backgrounds and objects either on canvas or video. On the other hand, the artist explores the depths of naked concepts, creating pieces where humor, play and inhibition are presented to the viewer as a series of riddles. His work has been shown in numerous galleries and international festivals, like the Gallery Cimaise in Switzerland and the Punto y Raya Festival in Barcelona.

Model Cam. Single channel Video, 1’ 45″
Recreation using Google Earth of the perspectives of the images broadcast on Spanish television of the riots which occurred in Syntagma Square in Athens in 2011.

3S running. Video, 5’00"
3S is a video-fragmented and composed of several shorter, which investigates and explores the temporality of the camera recording, the cameraman’s own time and the lost time of the actor. An experimental exercise, through found-footage, political harangues and poetry of movement-image, set up an exploded piece proposes a reflection on the reality captured the alien and the actual archives.

La Tormenta. Video, 2'11"
El Hormiguero. Video 1'31"
Both pieces are part of the Simple Analogies series, in wich the artist proposed small afterthoughts through a conmutation game between moving images and the sound that completes it.

Damià Jordà was born in Alcoy (Spain) and since 2004 he developes his artistic work through the new forms of video-creation. He has a Master degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia and manages the digital video-creation travelling series SCREENS. At present he is undertaking  his PhD in the Polythecnic Univesity of Valencia, and working in media reserach projects in Medialab Usal, at the University of Salamanca.

Él decidió. Obviamente, ella no lo sabe interrogatorio Voight-Kampff, sin respuestas. Video 2'59"
The Voigth-Kampff Test is a psychological interview on people, observing their emotional reactions to identify their humanity. He decided. Obviously, she doesn`t know Voight-Kampff Test, no answers. is a 3 minute video, where a woman (which we can`t see) aggressively interrogates another Alexithymic woman without answers.

Derrames. Video, 04'18"
A worker in an offshore oil plataform is caught by a technical fault. A woman in an office is trapped by the speed of a world that mutates with increasing speed. Two points of intersection between multiple points in the weakness of what mankind will never overcome: the leak.

Frame folding one. Video. 05'37"
The Project in wich we are working it a study in progress about perception, centralizad in the use of digital tools to materialize art pieces of different formats, focused to an evolution of abstract ad kinetic art, with special mention of Op art.The creation of these art pieces come from the concept of interrelating: geometry, color, mouvement and sound, using the languages developed in the concetual territory of abstraction, in the context of new Technologies and new ways of producing/diffusing the art work. We are interested in using programming from a visual and creatice perspective exploring the results in art pieces


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